Student Scholar Symposium


Message from the Director

Greetings and welcome to the Spring 2020 Chapman University Student Scholar Symposium!

Student Scholar Symposium celebrates the remarkable scholarship and creativity conducted by Chapman students. Student Scholar Symposium is sponsored by the Center for Undergraduate Excellence, which is the first stop and the central hub for students to learn about and engage in undergraduate research and creativity activity; and to discover the wide range of prestigious external scholarships available. Our student presenters reflect the diversity of academic and creative disciplines thriving within the Chapman community.

This year we have moved the Spring Student Scholar Symposium to this virtual platform where you can attend a live Microsoft Teams meeting to connect with the student and discuss their research/creative activity. The virtual symposium allows our students multiple ways to showcase their research and creative project, consisting of posters, oral, visual arts, performing arts, and film and media presentations.

Our virtual symposium would not have been possible without the extraordinary effort by the CUE staff, Lisa Kendrick, Operations Manager, and Jackie Coyne, Administrative Assistant, who designed and developed the event. A special thanks to both of them!  We also want to acknowledge several students, faculty, and staff who assisted us in trial runs of the symposium providing valuable suggestions and feedback:

Alex Ballard, Alexis Sutterman, Dr. Chris Kim, Dr. Elaine Schwartz, Emily Cauble, Jacky Dang, Jessica Bocinski, Dr. Kelli Fuery, Dr. Marco Bisoffi, Michaela Montgomery, Dr. Quaylan Allen, Rebecca Green, Valeria Park

Thanks to all the student presenters and their faculty mentors!

Dr. Julye Bidmead 
Director of the Center for Undergraduate Excellence at Chapman University


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