La Frontera/The Border: An Interdisciplinary Examination

BorderClick: Tijuana/San Diego

“Borderclick is a group of transborder individuals aiming to give lyrical visual representation to transfronterizx life through photography, video, and social media. By capturing our feelings, memories and experiences living between two cultures and nations, Mexico and the United States, we bring an authentic and honest challenge to the common stereotypes of “border-crossers.” Throughout this process of self-exploration, we have discovered that despite the intentionally isolating effects of the physical border wall, the challenge of crossing it on a daily basis, and its extensive violence upon our minds and bodies, we have managed to find and connect with one another and help visualize an otherwise invisible community. We have learned how to collaborate, engage others in dialogue around border issues, and pledge to continue to support each other and advocate for our communities in our pursuit of self-improvement, social justice, and civic engagement.

Borderclick is a digital living archive and curriculum exploring the complexities of the transfronterizx/transborder experience. From 2016-2019, groups of young people who live and study between Tijuana and San Diego have been using photography to deconstruct their daily aesthetic encounters and explore their identities on both sides of the border. This work is the combination of our conversations, documentation, research, and interviews with each other and other transborder people, as well as our dreams for the future.

Today more than ever, please follow us @borderclick and use #borderclick to help us continue to document and analyze this experience.”

BorderClick Response Wall/House 

For the first half of the BorderClick exhibition installation, viewers were presented with a wall of brick response cards and instructions that read "Choose a brick, write a response, place your brick into the box. Your bricks will be used to transform the wall. Check back soon." 

These collected response bricks were then used to build a house with an open door accompanied by the text "Your responses have transformed this brick wall into a home. This house represents the home that transborder individuals have persevered to make on both sides of the wall. 'I can be in both countries, and do something significant on both sides.' - Ulises Leal, BorderClick participant"


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